Just like electrons and photons, atoms are subject to the laws of quantum dynamics.

their quantum behaviors are only cooled to a small fraction degree of absolute zero

In a new study, Japanese and U.S. physicists about 3 billion times colder than interstellar space

Rice University’s Kaden Hazzard, the corresponding theory author of a study, said,

The payoff of getting this cold is that the physics changes. The physics starts to become more quantum mechanical,

The newly Hubbard model has a special symmetry known as SU(N).

Hazzard said, “The thermometer they use in Kyoto is one of the important things our theory provides

Ibarra-García-Padilla said, “One of the fascinating questions that experiments can explore is the role of symmetry.

Hazzard said, “It could trap up to 300,000 atoms in its 3D lattice.